Luxury Hair Salon


A moment of Pure Indulgence, Osk 1 invites you to escape into a unique beauty experience.

The expertise of Osk 1 Salon ensures a precise, professional diagnosis leading to a personalised hair and scalp programme tailored to each guests needs.

During your service, our Osk 1 Specialist will treat you with groundbreaking technologies, luxurious textures, unique fragrances and an expert massage to stimulate the senses and revitalize the scalp.

Each Indulgence Ritual is applied using unique massage techniques – designed to stimulate the four areas of the scalp necessary to maintain the beauty of hair – the scalp muscle, blood circulation, lymphatic system and the nervous system.

Osk 1 strives for perfection, tailoring services to help every guest achieve a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Relax and unwind completely, forgetting about the outside world, with an in-salon indulgence ritual.

We understand that todays woman searches for beauty services that address more than just core concerns. She desires services that can offer enhanced results and a unique experience.

Understanding these increasing desires, Osk 1 has employed tools that will exceed client expectations, taking the salon service to the next level.

Our Ritual Services provides our guests with a relaxing moment to rejuvenate the scalp and hair whilst achieving enhanced beauty results.



The first system of highly active ingredients freshly fused by your specialist. Multiple made to measure combinations, one specially dedicated to your needs, for fundamental hair reformation.

Osk 1 Rituals are available as an Express or Deluxe Service. One of our specialists will guide you through the Indulgence Menu, recommending a personalized ritual regime just for you.



Osk 1 Kera-Mist

The Osk 1 Kera-Mist combines a Ritual with controlled heat to allow for deeper absorption into the hair fibre.

The Kera-Mist is equipped with an internal computer that reduces purified water into micro particles by using ultra sound waves, creating a light mist. The temperature control mist allows the cuticle to gently open, allowing deeper penetration of the Ritual, Ensuring enhanced performance and longer lasting results. All Deluxe Rituals utilise the Kera-Mist technology.