Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

If you are looking for length/thickness/vitality and shine we can accommodate you. Osk 1 specializes in 100% human hair extensions. Our technique in application, cutting and styling of human hair extensions has been perfected over more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in natural looking extensions, thorough consultations, individualized placement techniques and non-damaging stress free removal methods. Osk 1 works in combination with the No. 1 worldwide Hair Extension System Great Lengths 100% Human Hair Extensions.

When I first experienced hair extensions many years ago, I was disappointed with the way the extension market presented itself, the hair looked and felt unnatural, bonds were unsightly, uncomfortable, and on removal the extensions created damage. Osk 1 set out to establish a superior system of applying, cutting and styling. With experience in European and American techniques Osk 1 has developed a procedure that provides the client with the most amazing invisible, natural looking head of extensions.

With so much expertise in this field we have been we have been recommended to celebrities and interstate clients alike.


Time Poor
How long are you willing to wait for long, thick hair? Our gentle system works without damage to your own hair. It will not tangle or matt and can be coloured, cut etc making it look and feel very much like your own hair.

Need length
Are you after beautiful long healthy hair? Human hair grows approx 1cm per month, therefore to have naturally long hair it could take up to 5 years to grow. We can create up to 70cm length in 2 hours.

Fine Hair
Are you after naturally thick hair? Not everyone was born with fabulously thick hair, Osk 1 with the assistance of Great Lengths can help women with fine hair, to create the thickness and volume they have always wanted.

A minority of people are born with hair that doesn’t have volume & lacks lustre and shine. This hair lacks the ability to grow to great lengths. With Osk 1 extensions you are capable of creating the hair you have always dreamed about in just a few hours.


Short Hair
Regretted cutting it off? Don’t wait 5 years to get the length back, Have instantly long hair in just a few hours.

Unruly Curly Hair
Extensions enrobe your own hair making it mimic the extension hair, which helps to tame your unruly hair.

Damaged Hair
Restores length and vitality in just a few minutes

Do you have hair that seems to get to a certain length (e.g your shoulders) and then just doesn’t seem to get any longer? Wait no longer, you can achieve the length and volume today.

Frustrated with growing out a fringe or layers in your hair? Why persevere when extensions can help you now!

Plastic surgery
I have replaced hair length and thickness around the hairline including  the fringe area after facelift surgery, giving back confidence and restoring self esteem (all consultations are done in a private room)

Have you always wanted to try different colours in your hair but been to frightened because of the damaged it may cause to your own hair? Try extensions through splices, weaves or natural hi lights, they give amazing true colour & thickness in a matter of minutes.

Are you after clean fresh colours? Changing colour is a possibility due to our different strand application technique giving you instant highlights or lowlights.

At Osk 1 hair institute we will commence with a complimentary consultation, discussing – your perfect length, your desired dream shade and your lifestyle including maintenance  and establish the overall thickness you desire. Every guests needs are different, making this an essential part of the hair extension process.

No more waiting to get the hair you want for your wedding we can achieve it for you today. An exclusive diamond thread strung with Swarovski crystal can also be added to your hair for that very special occasion